Welcome to the Light of Israel Tract Center. The Light of Israel was founded by the late Mordecai Alfandari and is a fraternity dedicated to bringing the message of the Hebrew Scriptures to all men. If you’re fed up with sterile establishment religion, shallow materialism, and a meaningless existence there is an ALTERNATIVE.

The Suffering Servant


What is the Torah?


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Dear Brother Isaac….


The Real Issue


The Sign of Jonah


Some Thoughts for the Thoughtful



The Way of YHVH


The Alternative


What It Means To Be A Jew


The Way of YHVH


The Name


This is My Name Forever


The Son of David: How To Identify Him!


Please Meet A Very Important Person…!


Good News For Modern Man


Read These




Shavuot (Feast of Weeks)

Sin and Atonement


Sin and Atonement


An Open Letter (Please don’t kid yourself)


What Must We Do to be Saved??


Sacrifice, Then and Now


The Parable Of Joe Doakes


Justification: A Clarification of Terms

Important Information about Jesus


Jews Should Not Believe in Jesus Because…


The Abomination


Gamaliel’s Advice


Is Jesus Coming Again??


The Credentials


The Servant versus Jesús


Signs and Wonders


I’ll Tell You Why?! (1)


I’ll Tell You Why?! (2)

Why We Don’t Accept Christianity


“Covenant” and “Testament”


I Accept


We Don’t Accept!!


The New Testament Was Wrong




Listen to Reasons! Why I quit Christianity by Marc di Leone


Why I gave Up Jesus by Claude A. Biggs



Professor Alley


Previously Lost Tracts


Getting Things Straight


Behold the Virgin


Go Out of Babylon


Religion and Secularism in Modern Israel


No Gods


Judah’s Three Transgressions


We Bear Witness!


Beliefs and Purposes


Salvation: In the Light of Hebrew the Hebrew




Remission of Sins


“Saviours”, The Saviour, Salvation


A Bible Quiz


Has YHVH’s Law Been “Annulled”?


Do Christians Believe Jesus?


The Gospel Truth: Facts They Don’t Print in


Their Tracts


Facing Reality


“New Covenant” and “New Testament”: A Clarification of Terms


Read The New Testament…? We Have!(2)

Further Writings of The Light of Israel


Read the New Testament…? We Have! (1)


Why Did Jesus Die?


The New Testament on Jesus


The Great Lie Rejected


Two Ways


Salvation According to the Hebrew Scriptures


Thinking Things Over


Gospel Gems (Thoughts To Remember)


The “Numbers” Argument (2)


How We Know That Jesus Was Not The Messiah!


The Deception Exposed










About Mordecai Alfandari


The Death of a Karaite Hacham


The Maker of Souls From Jerusalem (Hebrew)


Where Were You When Rabin Was Killed?: A Survey by Itton Yershalayim (hebrew)