Has YHWH's law been "annuled"?

Has YHVH’s Law Been «Annulled»?

(Letter To A Friend)

Dear friend and brother,

Since you have been led to believe that the so-called. «Mosaic» Law, (actually the Law revealed to Moses by YHVH, the all Wise Creator and King), has been annulled, is no longer relevant, cannot afford us salvation, has no place in YHVH’s plan for mankind anymore etc. etc., it is of utmost importance for you to discover what Scripture has to say on the subject. (By Scripture, we mean the original Hebrew Scripture; since organized religion claims to be based on this Scripture, it should be allowed to speak for itself.) If we can prove that YHVH’s Law is to be in force in the future, according to prophecy, it is only reasonable to assume that its validity has not been interrupted. We read in Deuteronomy chapter 30,9-10; «for YHVH will AGAIN rejoice over thee for good, as He rejoiced over thy fathers; IF thou shall hearken to the voice of YHVH thy Eloheem, TO KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS and His statutes which are WRITTEN IN THIS BOOK of the LAW; if thou turn unto YHVH thy Eloheem with all thy heart and with all thy soul!» We see that Israel’s eventual redemption, yet in the future, is conditional upon his observance of the WRITTEN Mosaic Law!

Have the sin offerings been made superfluous? Has some «greater» atonement eliminated the need for carnal sacrifice? Has someone «died for us», once and for all «freeing» us from the yoke of the sacrificial laws? Let us read in Ezekiel, chapter 43, 19; «thou shall give to the priests the Levites that are of the seed of Zadok who are near unto me, to minister unto me, saith YHVH Eloheem, a young bullock for a sin offering etc. etc.»; and the same in all this chapter; chapter 44,15-31; chapter 45,13-25; chapter 46,1-24 etc. etc. YHVH unequivocally tells us through the Prophet that in the new Jerusalem of YHVH’s Kingdom the Levitical priesthood and the sacrificial system are going to be revived! Moreover, the Sabbaths and appointed seasons will still be in effect! Now, if the Law and its requirements have been replaced by «faith and grace» how can we explain these scriptural passages?

Are we to believe that the Law was so impossible to fulfill that it was only a «schoolmaster» to lead us to a better and easier salvation? If so, then we are forced to conclude that Moses was lying when he said: «For this commandment which I command thee this day, it is NOT TOO HARD for thee, neither is it far off…… but the word is very near unto thee, in thy mouth and in thy heart, that thou MAYEST DO IT!» Deut. 30,11-14. Some would have us believe that the New Covenant described in Jeremiah 31 will abolish the Mosaic Law. By reading verses 33-34 of said chapter we discover that the New Covenant, is going to re-emphasize the validity of the Law and not replace it! A new covenant (agreement concerning the Law), not a new law; surely not a »lawless» salvation, is herein promised.

The very existence of legal systems, law courts and law enforcement bodies in every society proves beyond doubt that a world based on «faith and grace» can only be a dream world. YHVH’s world however, is a very real world, and He has provided mankind with His Holy Law, the principles of which are the only possible foundation for an ethical and moral human society. This foundation cannot, nay, must not be replaced by a theological «gimmick», an easier way to salvation.

If you, my friend, desire the truth with all your heart, you must consider all these things.

Sincerely yours,

Mordecai Alfandari