Facing reality


«Thou shalt eliminate EVIL from thy midst!»

Deuteronomy 13:6; 17:7; 19:9; 21:21; 22:21; 24:7.

«But I say unto you that you resist NOT EVIL!»

Matthew 5:39.

«Thou shalt NOT deliver unto his master a slave that is escaped….!»

Deuteronomy 23:16.

«Slaves, obey your master according to the flesh with fear and trembling!»

Ephesians 6:5.

While the Hebrew Scriptures command us to fight and eliminate evil and injustice, Christianity would have us accept evil passively as something not worthy of our efforts. Christians are not supposed to struggle against human wrong, against evil inflicted by man upon man! They are only interested in combating some imaginary demonic powers of darkness and «spiritual» (not worldly) wickedness! (Ephesians 6:12).

Fortunately, most Christians do not take their religion very seriously, If they did, Hitler would still be ruling half the world, the American negro would still be a slave, murderers and maniacs would be free to walk the streets, there would be no law courts or police, the United States would be a British colony and sickness and disease would be rampant (the New Testament believes in casting out devils, not in healing physical afflictions!).

While the Hebrew Scriptures proclaim that YHVH is king of THIS REAL PHYSICAL world as well as of the heavenly realm (1Chronicles 29:11-12), the god of Christianity states that his kingdom is NOT of this REAL world but another spiritual fairy tale world somewhere over the rainbow. While the Promised Redeemer of the Hebrew Scripture is to judge justly, slay the wicked, eliminate hurt and destruction, fill the earth with knowledge of YHVH (Isaiah 11), the Christian «redeemer» came to be murdered by the wicked, to be resurrected and reign in some unseen spiritual world, while this world continues to be ravaged and ruined by war, disease, hatred, superstition and idolatry.

That is precisely why Christianity has no valid message for mankind today or at any time! Evil is real and must be combated in real ways. Man has no need of being spiritually «reborn» by believing in a mythical man-god saviour sitting up in heaven. Man has need of a better life, free of injustice, hatred and violence in this REAL world!

Dear Reader, YHVH , the Holy One of Israel is a REAL CREATOR and KING . His kingdom will be a REAL, TANGIBLE kingdom, not a dream-world kingdom.

If you would know the TRUTH, fight for truth, fight for a REAL SALVATION for ALL men and not for a mythical «salvation», for the «elect» believers in an imaginary man-god saviour, COME and SEEK YHVH in His Hebrew Scriptures of truth, now, before it is too late! FACE REALITY!

Submitted by: M. Alfandari