We don't accept!!


We don’t accept Christianity’s supposedly beautiful theology. To us it is not ‘beautiful’. The God of Israel is depicted therein as the perpetrator of a great injustice. He caused an ‘innocent person’ (Jesus) to die horribly for sins he did not commit. The Law of Moses and the Prophets write that no one can die for another’s sins! (Exodus 32:33; Deuteronomy 24:16; Ezekiel 18:1- 32 etc.) Christianity has introduced a ‘superior’ sort of justice. Moreover, by claiming that Jesus was God incarnate, Christianity has given divine sanction and sanctity to deicide, suicide and murder; God, in the form of the ‘Son’, permitted himself to be murdered, and accepted this act of ‘salvation’ as a suitable sacrifice to end all sacrifices. Thus, a human sacrifice (Jesus) also divine (God the Son) offered by wicked murderers (the Jews and Romans) was accepted as ‘the last word’ in sin offerings, as sin offerings go!

Christianity also teaches that the God of Israel deceived Israel into sin and death by giving then the opposite a law impossible to keep (while telling them the opposite – Deuteronomy 30:11-14 etc..). But Christianity tells us that we are no longer under law but are living in the ‘New Testament’ era of ‘grace’. Under the old harsh legalistic regime of the Mosaic law, (which condemned us to death because we couldn’t obey it,) it was illegal to murder, steal, commit adultery etc. However, since God’s suicide on the cross, this has been changed. Although it is still not nice to do wicked things, there is no law against it! We are no longer under the law but living in a dream world of ‘grace’. The Jews, refusing to believe their God had been murdered, were not ‘morally’ capable of entering into the ‘New Testament’ set-up (with the exception of those few Jews who did think that Jesus was the Messiah) so the door was opened to repentant Gentiles to be ‘saved’ from a law they were never obliged to observe. One of the first nations to enter into the realm of grace and moral incentive was Constantine’s Rome. Constantine began his career as a Christian by crucifying hundreds of ‘pagan’ unbelievers. He also made it a crime, (death penalty) to Judaize, to bear witness to Judaism as being superior to Constantine’s new faith of love and lawless morality.

We refuse to accept the assertion that the law has been repelled. YHVH, the God of Israel knows how much of the law we are capable of observing. He is merciful and compassionate. He knows when we can keep certain commandments and when we cannot! He has not condemned us to eternal damnation as a whim! The law is life, not death! Society without law is a dead or dying society, not a society ‘under grace’! We don’t accept a ‘paper Messiah’ who ‘fulfilled’ this and that obscure passage according to Church exegesis, but whose coming and going left humanity as bad off as before. We do live in our belief that YHVH will usher in a better era of blessing and peace as His Prophets taught us. We don’t accept Christian ethics and morality for any more than what they are, the dream of men who believed the world was at an end! (1John 2:18; Revelations 1:1; Hebrews 9:26, 10:37 etc. etc.) But life and the world goes on! And mankind has need of Divine law to guide it. There is only ONE such law – the one delivered to Israel through Moses and all the Prophets. A theology (even one as ‘beautiful’ as the Christian theology, based on human sacrifice, deicide and suicide) cannot mold men into the ideal society. Something ‘new’ is always more attractive, but we say, with Jeremiah, ‘Seek for the old paths where is the good way, and walk therein and ye shall find rest for your souls!’ Jeremiah 6:16

Submitted by Mordecai Alfandari