Thinking things over


by Mordecai Alfandari

Why do preachers try to prove Jesus was the Messiah by using «proof texts» from the Bible, passages which obviously have no connection with Jesus? The answer is, because they have no choice. History did not prove Jesus was a messiah; his contemporaries did not accept his «credentials»; he delivered neither his people nor his few followers. So his believers’ claim to his career and actions as «fulfillments» of Biblical prophecy is a «paper» salvation!

Why do Christians make such a big thing of converting the Jew to their religion? Well, it’s because the ancestors of present-day Christians got their religion by HEARSAY, at best. Many of them were «christianised» by the sword, during Constantine’s day; others were converted by «apostles» who never saw Jesus, ETC. The Jews saw Jesus, lived with him, and the vast majority of them preferred death by fire and inquisition to accepting him. All of which casts very grave doubts upon the veracity of the basis of Christian belief. This in turn creates a feeling of insecurity in the Christian heart. So any Jew who can be made to change his «testimony» is a source of great relief and reassurance.

Why do the few Jews who accept Christianity almost invariably become missionaries to their unbelieving ex-comrades? Probably because the converted Jew knows he has been talked into something. He also knows that his gentile Christian brother does not love him for himself, but is only «glorying in his flesh» showing him off as an example of the blind Jew who has seen the light. So he needs company in his misery. In his darkness he needs another «convinced» brother who has «seen the light», for moral support.

Why do Jews persist in rejecting Christianity in the face of such pressure? Obviously because, since Christianity has ushered in «universal salvation», the world has been a hell! The earth has been ravaged by war, famine, hatred, idolatry, and is going from bad to worse. So the Jew (the one who has brains in his head!) looks at all this and says «if this is salvation through Jesus, I prefer being unsaved».

Why do Jews accept their «Old Testament» and reject the «New»? Because they receive their Scriptures from their fathers who received them from theirs, way back to Bible times. All Israel received the Torah, not just a few disciples, and they were satisfied that they were getting the real thing. On the other hand, the «New Testament» is not a Scripture! It is a missionary tract invented by persons whose sole purpose was to convince! Not a word of the «New Testament» was written in Jesus’ lifetime. He never read it, and probably would not like it if he did! The Hebrew Bible does not flatter the Jews. It does not conceal their sins and shortcomings. But they accept it as the Word of God. They do not accept the «New Testament»; and thinking, honest Christians, instead of trying to force it down Jewish throats, owe it to themselves to know the real reason WHY?

Submitted by:

M. Alfandari