Go out of Babylon


Dear Friend, if you know and believe that the ancient Israelite Scripture is true, the Word of the Almighty Creator, the only basis of valid religious doctrine, then this message is for you! You have been taught about a «trinity». In the Hebrew Scripture, YHVH nowhere explicitly describes Himself as a «Father-Son-Holy Ghost» combination. Not one of His Prophets proclaimed such a hideous blasphemy! He is described as being One Sole Deity; never as a «triune», schizophrenic, three headed fantasy. But Hinduism and the idolatries of ancient Egypt and the near East all had their trinities, and the Church took the concept unto herself. You have been taught about a «virgin birth. By examining Isaiah 7:1-17, you will discover that «Immanuel» was to be born 700 years before Jesus, during the lifetime of Isaiah, Rezin, and Pekah. By examining chapter 8:3-18, you will discover that the «virgin» is Isaiah’s wife, and that all Isaiah’s sons were to be «signs and wonders» (verse 18) without being born of a virgin. But, Buddha and the ancient gods of Egypt, Assyria, Greece and Rome were born of «virgins». Nana, the mother of Attis, became pregnant by eating a pomegranate; a virgin in the Perseus legend was impregnated by a shower of gold, etc. etc. The «virgin birth» myth was adopted by the Church from the pagan world. You have been taught that Jesus was a god and saviour; but YHVH says that there is NO saviour beside Himself (Isaiah 43:11). So either YHVH and Jesus were one and the same (an idea explicitly denied by Jesus; Matthew 19:17) or Christianity is guilty of idolatry and blasphemy! You have been taught that the «New Testament» is the New Covenant promised by YHVH. By examining Jeremiah 31:31-34 you will discover that NOT ONE of the events and blessings of the New Covenant have been fulfilled by Christianity and the Church. You have been taught that Jesus freed you from the curse of the Law. By comparing the curses listed in the Law with the history of the world since Jesus, you will realize that ALL these curses have pursued and still plague the Christian nations relentlessly. Christendom has been cursed with wars, pestilence, disease, hatred and disaster for nineteen centuries.

DID YOU KNOW that Jesus made wine out of water like DIONYSOS; walked on water like POSEIDON; was born in a stable like HORUS; was buried in a rock tomb like MITHRAS; was born of a virgin on the eve of the winter solstice like TAMMUZ; was mourned and found by women like ATTIS; performed «medical» miracles like AESCULAPIUS; was arrested, sentenced, chastised. Put to death with another malefactor as the god in the BAAL-MARDUK legend; his mother became «Queen of Heaven» as ASHTORETH- ASTARTE (compare Jeremiah 7:18); he rose from the dead like MITHRA; was a «son of god» like PHARAOH, and all the pagan Roman Caesars etc.

Dear reader, hear the Word of YHVH: «the gods that have not made the heavens and the earth, these shall perish from the earth and from under the heavens!» Jeremiah 10:11. Are you worshipping such a god? Are you an idol worshipper? Do you call upon the name of any god, deity, saviour other than YHVH, the ONLY King, Saviour and Lord?


Submitted by Mordecal Alfandari