"Saviours", The Saviour, Salvation

«Saviours», The Saviour, Salvation

For over nineteen centuries, «Christianity», (or the hundreds of squabbling, confused, stumbling sects claiming to represent that religion) has been preaching the gospel of «salvation» to a benighted, suffering mankind. Fire, the sword, inquisitions or clever sugar-coated propaganda; all and every means have been used to «save» sinful man. Actually, as any truthful person must admit, mankind has not been saved by «Christianity». Neither have Christians been saved by their own message of salvation because it cannot save! Its very foundation is a deception! There have been many «gospels of salvation», many «saviours», many man-gods born of virgins who were murdered and subsequently resurrected. Pagan mythology has its Mithra, Tammuz, Adonis etc. Hinduism has its trinity and its demi-god saviour etc. One thing is common to both Christianity and all these other pagan sects. NONE OF THEM EVER ONCE PREACHED OR BELIEVED IN THE ONLY TRUE SAVIOUR, NEVER MENTIONED HIS NAME, AND WERE THEREFORE NEVER SAVED AND COULD NOT SAVE OTHERS!

The Hebrew Scripture of Truth, (in which Christianity claims to believe), leaves no doubt as to who the SAVIOUR IS: «I even I am YHVH (written YEHOVAH in the massoretic text; modern scholars prefer YAHVEH or YAHWEH) and beside ME there is NO saviour.» Isaiah 43, 11. This very YHVH also plainly states: «I am YHVH, that is MY name; and my glory will I NOT give to another.» Isaiah 42, 8. And again we are told: «Look unto ME (YHVH) and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth.» Isaiah 45, 22.

It is therefore YHVH, and not some imaginary «son of god», who is our saviour! It is unto YHVH, and not unto any pagan god-man «miracle worker» that we must look for salvation!

What must we do to be saved? How can we overcome sin? How can we regain life? YHVH answers: «If he (the sinner) turn from his sin and DO THAT WHICH IS LAWFUL and RIGHT…… he shall surely LIVE, he shall NOT DIE….. NONE of his sins that he hath committed shall be remembered against him!» Ezekiel 33,14-19. YHVH knows no magic catchword, no miraculous credo, no short cut to «heaven».

Seekers after righteousness, reject all paganism and deception, do what is right, turn from sin, regain life, confess in the words of the Prophet: «Oh YHVH our Almighty one, other lords (Baal – Mithra – Adonis – Bhudda – Jesus) beside THEE have had dominion over us; but by THEE ONLY do we make mention of thy name,» Isaiah 26, 13.


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