The real issue

The Real Issue


“Shall a man make himself gods that are no-gods?” Jeremiah 16:20.

Christian missionary literature is beside the point. The real issue for today’s truth seeker, faced with the conflicting claims of organized religion is not whether Jesus or someone else “fulfilled” this or that scripture, was a “messiah” or not, is coming again or had already returned in 70 A.D. etc. etc. The fact that the faithful of Christendom are hopelessly divided into warring camps of: Unitarians; Trinitarians; fundamentalists; liberals; mormons; “Witnesses”; Catholics; Protestants; Orthodox; monophysites; First Day keepers; Seventh Day keepers; Quakers; Shakers; Rollers; infant sprinklers; adult immersers; Sacred Namers etc. ad infinitum proves that Christians in general have NO clear picture of what the Bible is all about. The real, burning issue for every believer in a Divine Creator and King of the universe is whether, as such, he is sinning against and BETRAYING this SOLE Supreme King by calling upon and praying to Jesus or any other being, mythical or real, as the case may be. The true Scriptures (Hebrew) are unequivocal on this issue: “and you shall love YHVH your almighty with ALL your heart and with ALL your soul, and with ALL your might!” Deuteronomy 6:5. This commandment is extremely clear. YHVH (as He identifies Himself) the Creator and King claims 100% of our love and devotion. There is NOTHING LEFT OVER for ANY other person, divine, semi-divine, or a human claiming to be divine! Thus, when someone says he loves Jesus or Krishna, he is BETRAYING YHVH his Maker and Redemmer! YHVH says: “I am YHVH, that is My Name; and My Glory I won’t give to another, nor My Praise to idols!” Isaiah 42:8 An idol is not necessarily a graven image. It can be a mental image too! (see Ezekiel 14:3). It can be an imaginary god other than YHVH. Hear YHVH’s Word!” I, yes I, am YHVH and beside me there isn’t any savior!” Isaiah 43:11.

Which means that when someone “accepts” Jesus as his savior, he is betraying and DEFYING YHVH, the ONLY True Savior!

Even the Graeco-Roman, so-called “new testament” has Jesus refer to the “Father” (un-named, but we assume YHVH is meant) as “the ONLY TRUE GOD” (John 17:3), and his followers (who believe IN him, but unfortunately don’t believe him) are bidden pray to the “Father”, to hollow the “Father’s” Name to do the “Father’s” Will. (Matthew 6:9-10). Thus it is logical that since YHVH, the Father (not of Jesus, but of ALL men!) is the only true God, Christians are forbidden to serve, know, or worship any beside the “Father”, who Jesus generously admits is “greater than I!” (John 14:28).

Leaving aside the weird confusion that is “new testament” theology, let us return to the True Word of YHVH!” You shall have NO OTHER gods beside Me!” Exodus 20:3. “And in all the things I have said to you, be careful! and make no mention of the name of other gods, neither let it be heard out of your mouth” Exodus 23:13.

This means: no Jesus; no Buddha; no baal; no Krishna; no Virgin Mary; no saints; no latter-day “incarnations”!

David says: “who do I have in Heaven beside you? and beside you I desire NONE upon earth!” Psalm 73:25. This means that YHVH ALONE is the Desired One in both heaven AND earth, and we need no other, are to have no other!

So, THIS is THE issue, dear friend! Can we be loyal and obedient to Our Father, YHVH, and yet cherish another beside Him? The answer, is, NO! You cannot serve both YHVH and baal (the master)! You must choose once and for all!

“Oh YHVH our ALMIGHITY, other lords beside you have had dominion over us; but You only do we mention, YOUR NAME!” Isaiah 26:13.




By: Mordecai Alfandari