Good news for modern man



Hey, all you masses of suffering, disease-ridden, war-plagued, oppressed humanity! All your troubles are over! Nineteen centuries or so ago, the second third of the ‘holy trinity’ (three gods in one package) came down to earth disguised as a Jew, was subsequently murdered, buried, resurrected and brought back to heaven where he is now sitting at the right hand of the first third (known as ‘father»), ruling the universe. If you believe all this you are saved by ‘grace’! You have died and been resurrected right along with the ‘god become man’, and are thus no longer under the old law previously given by the ‘father’ which nobody kept anyway. You are now given over to the consolation and guidance of the ‘third third’ technically described as the ‘holy ghost’, the real husband of ‘god number two’s earthly mother! So it’s easy as that. Believe, and you will be saved!

However, don’t expect the international political situation to improve, because the kingdom of ‘god number two’ is NOT of this physical world! His setup is strictly ‘spiritual’. The flesh is of little or no importance.

Don’t expect universal peace to replace war! ‘god number two’ came to bring NOT peace but the sword! Don’t think that evil is going to be overcome by goodness! ‘god number two’ taught us to ‘resist not evil’! He himself fulfilled this by letting himself be murdered by the wicked sinners of his ‘earthly’ day. ‘god number one’ (‘father’) was so pleased by the event that he promptly forgave all men their sins! This is the message of love and grace, (deicide and suicide, not to mention human sacrifice!) which is going to solve all your problems. So if you are spiritually sick, this sick theology is for you!

If you are not sick, but sick OF man-made religion, and false idolatrous doctrines promulgated by the churches, there is real, actual hope for you! Study the Hebrew Scriptures; Learn of Your Creator, Saviour and King, YHVH; find out what He requires of you! Learn of His commandments, call upon His Name! Leave Christian doctrine to those who love DARKNESS! Come to YHWH TODAY!

‘It has been told you, man, what is good, and what YHVH requires of you! Only to act justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your Almighty!’ Micah 6,8

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