Behold the virgin


How Christianity Uses the Bible.

Ahaz reigned in Judah over 700 years before the Christian era. He was having his troubles with the two kings, Rezin of Aram, & Pekah son of Remaliah, king of Israel who had formed an alliance & had attacked Jerusalem (Isaiah 7,1-2). YHVH sent Isaiah to reassure Ahaz (v. 3) & told him to ask a sign as proof of YHVH’s assistance (v. 10). Ahaz refused (v. 12) believing that the king of Assyria would destroy his enemies for him. For his unbelief in YHVH’s word, Ahaz would be punished. YHVH would give him a sign anyway (v. 4). «The young woman («alma», in Hebrew, a woman of marriageable age, in this case the wife of the Prophet Isaiah; see Chap.8, v.3 & 18), would bear a son & call him IMMANUEL» (EL is with us). Before the child can discern between good & evil, both the king of Aram & the king of Israel shall be eliminated (v.16.) by the king of Assyria (v. 17). However, Ahaz would also be destroyed by this very king of Assyria (Chap.8, v.8.) because of his refusal to believe the word of YHVH.

It is amazing how anyone in his right mind can connect these passages with Jesus of Nazareth. The sign was given by Isaiah to Ahaz. Ahaz lived seven centuries before Jesus’ supposed appearance. Isaiah’s prophecy was to be fulfilled in his own lifetime (see Isaiah 7, 15-16.). Disregarding these obvious facts & ignoring the passages referring to the king of Assyria who was non existent in Jesus’ day, Christians «see» in these scriptures a reference to Jesus, the «god with us», & his virgin mother. This crude exegesis is only one example of how Christianity has prostituted YHVH’s word to its own interests, tearing scripture to shreds in order to prove the messianic nature of their man-god saviour. A true messiah will be proven by his accomplishments. There will be no need for millions of preachers & persuaders, inquisitions, crusades etc. to prove his messianic nature. Moreover, no mortal has the right to twist or pervert YHVH’s Scripture of Truth, or to wrest whole passages out of their context in order to convince others as to the «truth» of unfounded doctrines.

In their enthusiasm, Christians have conveniently overlooked certain scriptures whose meaning may seem more obvious than those under discussion; for example – – –

«I am YHVH, that is my NAME, and my Glory WILL I NOT GIVE TO ANOTHER, NEITHER MY PRAISE TO GRAVEN IMAGES» Isaiah 42, 8. And again; «I even I am YHVH, and beside Me there IS NO SAVIOUR.» Isaiah 43,11.

No amount of Christian exegesis can change these statements. Mankind must choose between YHVH and BAAL («the lord») today!

Printed & distributed by Mordecai Alfandari, a witness to YHVH ELOHEEM