Dear brother Isaac...

Dear Brother Isaac….


I have decided to reply to your letter by means of this tract; because others, like yourself, who have bogged down in the mire of crhistological doctrine, must be shown the truth, whether they accept it or not! You begin by stating that you loathe idolatry (worshipping a deity other than YHVH!) and then say you adore and worship the “Lord Jesus Christ”. At best you are guilty of self-hatred, and at worst of pagan blasphemy. Jesus explicitly denies being the Deity (Matthew 19:17) despite your attempt to interpret this as meaning just the opposite. Jesus states elsewhere that “the Father” (presumably YHVH) is GREATER than he! (Jesus) John 14:28. Thus, as a worshipper of one inferior to and other than YHVH, you are guilty of what you supposedly loathe – idolatry.

You claim that the promised messiah is YHVH incarnate, because he is called “YHVH SIDQENU”. (Jeremiah 23:6). First of all, this cannot refer to Jesus, because we read there: “in his days Judah shall be saved and Israel shall dwell in safety”. In Jesus’ day Judah was a subject people, and Israel was “lost” in exile. The fact that the Davidic king mentioned here is called YHVH SIDQENU (YHVH IS OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS) does not mean he is YHVH! Jerusalem too is called YHVH SIDQENU (Jeremiah 33:16). Surely Jerusalem is not YHVH incarnate!? Isaiah’s son was not a spoiler or plunderer because of his name! (Isaiah 8:3) nor was his other son, Immanuel, a supernatural being – “Immanuel” – 1. 2. “El, the Mighty One (or Supernatural Being) is with us” (Isaiah 7:14). Scripture is rife with symbolic names which do not describe the nature of their bearers.

You claim that YHVH is a trinity because it is written “let us make man in our image,” Genesis 1:26. Of course “us” is not necessarily three. “Us” can be a thousand. Actually no plurality of persons is indicated in this passage. Only ONE actually created: “VAYIVRA ELOHIM ET HAADAM BESALMO” “And Elohim created man in His image” (ibid:27.), singular throughout! When YHVH says “let us”, He is using the “plural of Majesty” common in Semitic languages. The word “Elohim” is plural too, because when referring to YHVH it means that He is “all the forces”, THE ALMIGHTY! It does NOT mean that Elohim is more than ONE PERSON. The plural form of the noun is frequently used to imply superiority of rank or station without any implication of plurality! Thus we find the word “ADON”… master… in the plural, while referring to ONE person in many passages; as in Isaiah 19:4; “into the hand of a cruel lord” – “ADONIM (plural) QASHEH (singular.)” and in Genesis 39:20; “and Joseph’s master ADONEY YOSEF, (plural, instead of ADON YOSEF) took him (VAYIQAH – singular.)” etc. There are many other examples (such as in the Song of Songs 1:4 “Draw ME, WE will run after thee; the king hath brought ME into his chambers. WE will be glad and rejoice in thee etc. etc.) where ONE person speaks in the plural. When YHVH revealed His true attributes to Moses (Exodus 34:6-7 etc.) He did NOT mention any “father-son-holy ghost partnership”, and to us that is sufficient reason to reject all trinitarian doctrine as pagan nonsense.

You say that the “Servant” of Isaiah 53 is called a “man of pains” thus proving the Servant is not a nation (?) but one person. May I ask you how many times YHVH addresses Jaacob and Israel, in the sense of the entire Hebrew People, in the SINGULAR? but thou… ATAH … Israel, MY SERVANT, Jaacob, whom I have chosen. Isaiah 41:8 etc. etc.

You imply that all who do NOT believe in Jesus will not gain life, will perish. That isn’t what Jesus supposedly said: “if thou wilt enter into life, KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS” (Matthew 19:17). You ask whether anyone can keep the commandments. And why not, brother Isaac? Are all men thieves, adulterers, murderers, coveters etc.? And isn’t the way of repentance open forever, to all men? (see Ezekiel 18.) Would you make a liar out of YHVH your Creator? “for this commandment which I command thee this day, is NOT TOO HARD FOR THEE” (Deuteronomy 30:11).

You write that mankind is broadly divided into: followers of Cain and false religion; and followers of Abel and true religion! This would seem to be another example of the artificial exegesis some employ to prove Christianity is “true religion”. Nevertheless, Isaac, you will remember that Cain murdered Abel his brother! In the Progroms, auto de fes, inquisitions, forced mass baptisms of crusader days, blood libels etc. WHO did the murdering, dear friend, and WHO WAS MURDERED? You dear brother, and others like you, would do well to get out of the “preaching” business, and, if you are at all interested, come humbly to YHVH and His word to learn the truth. It’s worth your while!

By: Mordecai Alfandari