Is Jesus coming again?

Is Jesus Coming Again??


The theory that Jesus is "coming again" is the inevitable outcome of historical fact; the fact that Christianity's "messiah" failed to accomplish even ONE of the tasks the true Davidic messiah is to accomplish, according to the True Prophets of YHVH. By examining such prophecies as Isaiah, Chapter 11 or Jeremiah, Chapter 23, etc., we learn that the authentic messiah is to usher in an era of peace, love and justice. When we look back over 19 centuries of Christianity, we see religious wars, crusades, pogroms, inquisitions, hatred, injustice and misery. The only way the Church can explain it all is that Jesus is going to "finish the job" at his second coming (a statement of faith, not fact!)

Is Jesus coming again? According to the New Testament, Jesus promised to return in the lifetime of his listeners! (Matthew 16:27- 28). We do not know whether some of Jesus' listeners were still living when Paul write, in Hebrews 10:37, that Jesus was coming in "a little while", and will NOT TARRY! Revelations 22 tells us a few times that Jesus is coming "quickly" (verses 7, 12, 20). In 1John 2:18, we are told that it was ALREADY the "last time", (long, long ago!).

To sum up, we are told in Revelations 1:1 that ALL the tremendous events depicted in the following chapters of that book, INCLUDING JESUS' REIGN, must SHORTLY COME TO PASS! (Look it up!)

So, is Jesus coming again? One church (J. WITNESSES) claims he has been "reigning" since World War I (in an invisible kingdom in some "other" world). Some claim his appearance to his believers after the "resurrection" was the second and last coming. (Was not worth the trouble! Things got worse, not better!)

They will tell you you have to take it "on faith". "Faith" is wishful thinking, not FACT! Only FACTS can save mankind and redeem the world. We should always try to remember this in our search after truth!

Submitted by: Mordecai Alfandari