The "numbers" argument


«You shall not follow a majority to pursue evil!»

Exodus 23:2.

A recent issue of a missionary publication stated that it is inconceivable to think that the millions of Christian believers are wrong in accepting Jesus as the Messiah. What about this oft repeated argument? Does the truth of any one doctrine or tenet depend upon the number of those who accept it? The millions of Jews of Jesus’ day had first hand knowledge of Jesus and his career and yet they did not accept his Messianic «credentials» as sufficient evidence for the truth of his claims. In fact, they and their descendants preferred death and persecution rather than believe in Christian claims for Jesus’ role as Messiah! As to the millions of Christian believers of today whose ancestors, most of them barbarian hordes, accepted Christianity; was their knowledge other than second hand? Weren’t they converted by a handful of «saints» and apostles who themselves had only hearsay and tradition as their authority?! Constantine, the one who Christianised the Roman Empire, was a politician, not a religionist. He crucified hundreds of thousands of pagans in order to convince his subjects that Christianity was «preferable» to death. Indeed, the history of Christianity’s conquest of Europe is one long list of religious wars, crusades, inquisitions and pogroms. And what of the millions of Moslems, Buddhists, Hindus et al., who claim «divine truth» for their doctrines? And what of the millions of atheists, agnostics and modernists? Do their numbers prove the truth of their claims? What counts is: why something is believed; how dependable is the report; are we dealing with hearsay and legend, or historic fact?

We accept the Hebrew Scriptures as YHVH’s Eternal Word because ALL ISRAEL was at Sinai when the Torah was given. ALL Israel saw the Scriptures being recorded, lived, fulfilled. Despite initial resistance, ALL Israel accepted the Prophets of YHVH as true Prophets. It is the historic testimony of ALL ISRAEL which gave the Scriptures to the world!

They, and we, bear witness to the truth that YHVH alone is Saviour, Lord, and King. He gives His glory to no other being, and He alone shall rule. Will you be ready to receive Him? Cleanse yourselves of all pagan doctrine and idolatrous error. Remember, YHVH says: «the gods that have NOT made the heavens and the earth, these shall perish from the earth and from under the heavens.» Jeremiah 10:11. Are you worshipping such a god?


M. Alfandari –

Israelite Witness to the Nations

Jerusalem, Israel.