Sacrifice, then and now


Vegetarians, animal lovers, and Christian fundamentalists may not like the idea, but YHVH’s Scripture of truth explicitly states that the sacrificial rites and the SIN OFFERINGS are going to be RESTORED in the New Jerusalem of YHVH’S Kingdom. We read this fact in Ezekiel chapters 43;44;45;46!!! Similarly, the Psalmist, foreseeing both destruction AND RESTORATION, writes: ‘Do good, in your favour, to Zion: rebuild the walls of Jerusalem! THEN will you delight in righteous sacrifices, burnt offering and whole offering! THEN WILL THEY OFFER BULLOCKS UPON YOUR ALTAR! Psalm 51:21. All this means that the supposed ‘sacrifice to end all sacrifices’ of Christian doctrine, the so- called atoning death of Jesus, HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YHVH’S PLAN OF SALVATION, as described in the Hebrew Scriptures!

Christian preachers claim that YHVH’S sure promise of a rebuilt Jerusalem and a restoration of the sin offerings is: not to be taken literally; or has already been fulfilled (?); or doesn’t mean what it says, etc. etc. They HAVE to try to explain it away as best they can, because,since the sin offerings of the so-called ‘old dispensation’ are going to be restored, we are FORCED TO CONCLUDE that Christianity’s central tenet is BASELESS, and that Jesus died for ANOTHER REASON, and NOT to put an end to the ‘old’ carnal sacrifices!

Referring to the period between the destruction and the restoration, the Prophet says: ‘For the children of Israel shall sit alone many days, without king and prince and WITHOUT SACRIFICE…. AFTERWARD shall the children of Israel return, and seek YHVH their God and David their King; and shall come trembling to YHVH and His goodness, IN THE END OF DAYS!’ Hosea 3:4-5. The key phrase in this prophecy is ‘without sacrifice’. These words of course rule out the claim that Jesus’ death was an acceptable sin offering. The children of Israel will be ‘without sacrifice’ from the beginning of the period described in this scripture, up to the period called the ‘end of days’, the end of this age! The ‘end’ has not yet come! We are still ‘without sacrifice’! Scripture provides the answer to the question ‘what to do while we are without sacrifice?’:

‘Take with you WORDS and RETURN TO YHVH! (REPENT!). Say to Him: ‘forgive ALL INIQUITY AND ACCEPT GOODNESS!’ THUS will we render for bullocks THE OFFERING OF OUR LIPS!!’ Hosea 14:2. ‘The sacrifices of God are a BROKEN SPIRIT; A BROKEN AND CONTRITE HEART, O GOD, YOU WILL NOT DESPISE!’ Psalm 51:19


Dear Reader, there was no need for the god of Christianity to commit suicide by having himself nailed to a pagan, Roman cross! YHVH, the ONLY TRUE SAVIOR has a better way to deal with our sins.


Submitted by: Mordecai Alfandari