Why i gave up Jesus by Claude A. Biggs


Claude A. Biggs

They are slaves who dare not choose

Hatred, scoffing and abuse

Rather than in silence shrink

From the truth they needs must think;

They are slaves who dare not be

In the right with two or three.

James Russell Lowell

The following sets forth some of the reasons which prompted the writer – brought up a Methodist – to renounce Christ-ianity.

It has been a comparatively short time since men were burned at the stake for thinking or speaking truths that conflicted with the doctrines and teachings of the existing churches. Indeed, much has been said of the «dark ages.» Few, however, realize that we have not yet emerged from them. The same deceptive methods, doctrines, customs, traditions are practiced and promulgated among the masses who still find themselves in bondage, «spiritual» bondage, to these pagan ways which had their origin in lies. Millions of souls find themselves so steeped in the accepted tenets of «Tradition» that even should the real truth be brought to them they would throw up their hands in horror. To the few who are willing to search for truth and accept it when the full evidence is presented, they indeed shall have the blessings of the true God YHVH the Creator. Let none, however, think that they are going to get this truth in any of the existing Churches with their scare doctrines of «hell-fire» and purgatory places that exist only in the primitive minds of men, not in the true Bible.

Men like Galileo, Bruna, Copernicus and many others found it almost impossible to secure a hearing on their astronomical findings. Galileo was imprisoned and, in his seventieth year, at the threat of his life, was forced to refute his true findings which he knew was truth concerning the motion of the earth. Remember – this was only 270 years ago! And Pope Gregory XIII had a medal struck in honor of the horrible massacre of St. Bartholomew – a diabolical plot at the instigation of Catherine and Charles IX. It was carried out on August 24, 1572, with the murder in cold blood of tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children, whose only crime was that of «thinking» and taking the privilege of worshipping God according to the dictates of their heart and not bowing to the directives of the Pope.

«Sixteen Crucified Saviours»

We learn from authentic historical sources that there have been at least sixteen «crucified» saviours – all antedating by many years the Christian saviour. What is most amazing is this: these sixteen saviours, had identical experiences to that of the Christian saviour commonly called Jesus Christ. All of them were (1) sent from heaven, (2) born of virgins, (3) had to flee from jealous, wicked rulers to an Egypt, (4) returned, (5) confounded «wise men» at the age of twelve, (6) started their ministry at about the age of thirty, (7) performed great and mighty miracles, even to the raising of the dead, (8) suffered persecutions, and finally, (9) crucified on an old pagan cross. Then, as the records of history show, they all (1) rose from the tomb the third day, (2) were seen by many for about forty days, and, at last, (3) ascended into heaven where, they, each and every one of the sixteen, sat at the right hand of the Father judging the world.

We learn, moreover, that the various primitive peoples who worshipped these «saviours» had their own «bibles» which in form and essence were very much like the evangelical works known as the New Testament. If these bibles existed before the Christian dispensation – which history records they did – might we not well ask: Which were copied from which? The Hindu bible with its saviour Chrishna could certainly not have been copied from one that came into existence some 1200 years later. In 800 B.C.E. there was Mithra, the Persian saviour; around the same time Quexalcote was worshiped as the Mexican saviour. In 1700 B.C.E. Thulis held sway in Egypt. Then the world saw Indra of Tibet In 725 B.C.E.; Crite of Chaldea In 1200 B.C.E., etc. Interestingly, the birthdays of these «saviours» including that of the Nazarene, fell on the shortest day of the year when all life slumbers – December 25, the present-day Christ-mass.

It becomes clear now why some of the «Christian fathers» deliberately defaced, 5in many instances, completely obliterated, ancient historical records that were graven on stone and marble. They could not afford to let the truth contained on the stone records become known to the people; for these records would immediately expose the imitation built around the saviour Kristus called Christ. As an Instance we have the case of the vital ancient records which had been dug up in India. These were entrusted to the care of a Christian Bishop of Calcutta for safe transportation to England where further deciphering was to take place. Arriving at their destination, the records were so badly defaced that decipherment became an impossibility. Why did the Bishop do this? What was he so afraid to keep from the public? The answer is easy to guess. These records would have proved that «Christianity» was but a continuation of the legend of Krist – Chrishna the Hindu saviour. That would not have gone too well with the multitudes of new converts.

Historians Leave No Record of Nazarene

Indeed, many scholars wonder why the historians living during and following the period of Jesus made no mention of him at all. If the person called by the Greek term «Christ» really existed and did the «wonderful» things attributed to him generations after him, why did the great historians who were his contemporaries not even hint of his existence or at least say something of the works he is alleged to have done? Scholar Giles, a Christian, makes this observation: «Great is our disappointment at finding nothing in the works of Philo about Christians, their doctrines, or their sacred books… He (Philo) was about sixty years old at the time of the crucifixion, and living in Alexandria so closely connected with Judea, he could hardly have failed to know something of the «wonderful» events that had taken place in the city of Jerusalem…»

Justus of Tiberius, native of the Holy Land in Jesus’ time, wrote a complete history of that period. Though his work perished, Photius, a Christian scholar and critic of the ninth century, who was acquainted with Justus’ work, declared: «He (Justus) makes not the least mention of the appearance of Christ, of what things happened to him, or of his wonderful works that he did» (Photius’ Bibliothecam code 33).

The brief paragraph referring to Jesus as found in the works of Josephus has been recognized by all students to be a forgery – so much so that it is completely discounted by the Christian scholars themselves.

Eusebius, who says, «It is lawful to lie and cheat for the cause of Christ…» (Eccl. Hist. lib. 2, cp. 12) and who has been accepted as «the sheet-anchor of reliance for most of the things we know of the first three centuries of the Christian history» (Doane), declared: «I have repeated whatever may redound to the glory (of the Christian religion) and suppressed all that could tend to the disgrace of our religion.» It might be asked: If all is true and original that is related in the New Testament, why then did and do these Christian «fathers» need stoop to lying and deceit in order to hold their ground? Again the reason is obvious. We are reminded of the statement of Pope Leo X: «It is well known how profitable this fable of Christ has been to us».

Need more be said?

It develops then that the world has seen at least sixteen «saviours» that have been sent from «heaven» to «die for our sins», sent by the One Great and almighty Creator YHVH, who said: «I will not give My glory to another – no other being no matter who – nor My praise to graven images.» Who said, «I created the heaven and the earth,» who said, «I am thy God… I am thy redeemer;» who said, «there is no saviour beside Me.» Hence, according to the above, «I will not give My glory to the Christ of Colossians 1,» wherein we find: «He (Jesus) created all things, both visible and invisible…»

In 325 A.D. Constantine gathetogether from the various nations some 1786 «learned men» who brought with them 2231 «legendary books» of pagan origin. He had these men select from this medley of man’s creations all that was «best and good» and «worded so as to be well remembered by mortals.» Then this Constantine, the first monarch to accept Christianity, had these «selections» bound into one book called the New Testament. The bewildered and fearful men labored four years and seven months doing this work. Not having as yet selected a god from among the many represented in the great assembly, they started balloting to «vote in» the god they would have rule over them! After the first ballot the number stood at thirty-eight chief gods and twenty-two lesser ones which had received a small number of votes. Finally, the number was reduced to five, namely, Jove, Kriste (Christ), Mars, Crite, Siva. Something had to be done to get out of the dilemma. Constantine turned to his spirits and asked for a sign. He got a «fiery cross, smeared with blood and war,» and he accepted this as a token that Krist of the cross had to be the one. The Council agreed to reject all the other gods. Thus at this Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. the Grecian «Iesous» in the form of Jesus was brought into godhead by the adoption of the former pagan idea of the three-god doctrine commonly termed the trinity still believed in by millions all over the world. And at this Council, also, only those booklets revolving around this story were incorporated into the work that came to be known as the New Testament, not by the authority of a prophet of YHVH, but by the vote of fearful and fallible men.

YHVH the true Creator, the God of Israel – mentioned by His true names in the true Bible composing the books of the Old Testament which were inspired by the Author of Life Himself by means of His true and tested prophets who spoke in His name – must be tired and weary of all this idol-worship. Unless the peoples and this nation in particular «turn about face» – and that quick – and me thinks that because we have not obeyed His commandments to «tear down, destroy out of the land all these idols» and the Idol-worship that is dominant. He will send another means to do this work for Him as He did in ancient days when His people disobeyed and turned to idols. This nation and the world is steeped in idol worship today! May YHVH help us and separate us from it. Let us wake up and start serving the One true eternal YHVH. Let us destroy the false idols from out of the land.

I urge the Christian reader to open his mind to truth, to search unbiased historical records concerning their «historical Jesus» and the «mythical Christ» and restudy the true facts as they are in actuality in the Hebrew Bible. Truth hurts and it might be hard to take. I know. But after a while – although it rather stirs one to learn how he has been so terribly deceived by the imitation, by the counterfeit doctrines – there will come joy and peace in learning of and knowing the One True Creator YHVH.

O give thanks unto YHVH, for He is good; for His mercy endureth for ever. Psalm 136:1

Claude A. Biggs, a printer of Lansing, Michigan, has devoted a life-time to Bible study and the printing of millions of tracts for missionary endeavors. As a true seeker and student of the Scriptures, he finally realized that Christianity has no basis of truth but that falsehood constitutes its foundation. In this article Printer Biggs gives the reasons why he cannot accept Christianity any more.