No gods


«Shall a man make unto himself gods, and they are no gods?» Jeremiah 16:20.

The ancient idolaters of Egypt, Babylon, Greece and Rome created their gods in their own image. Believing that man was a supreme being, these unfortunates saw no blasphemy in having their gods take on flesh, commit adultery, be murdered etc. Later heirs to the pagan concepts of Babylon and Rome, by the same token, saw no wrong in claiming that the Eternal Creator of heaven and earth, the Supreme Intellect, took on flesh and became «man». To them, this absurdity was a «holy mystery». They taught that this incarnate deity was at the same time «all god and all man» . (tantamount to being all wet and all dry, at the same time!). Moreover, this demigod, born of a «virgin», came to reconcile himself to mankind by permitting himself to be murdered!! Subsequently, having risen from the dead, the deity once again ascended to heaven where he became a spirit.

It is amazing and saddening to learn that millions of persons believe their salvation depends on accepting such doctrine as truth, which goes to prove the accuracy of the adage, «the bigger the lie, the more people believe it!».

On the other hand, YHVH’S Scripture of Truth completely shatters such illusionary mysteries. «It has been told thee, oh man, what is good, and what YHVH doth require of thee: Only to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thine Almighty!» Micah 6:8.

We are not required to accept a blasphemy in order to be saved . We are not required to accept as «divine truths», pagan, gnostic fallacies, which Christianity took unto herself, in order to please our Creator!

There is only one sure way for man to gain eternal life, and that is to obey YHVH’S commandments. Let us re-examine the very first of the ten rules which YHVH delivered to Moses which were meant to be an eternal guidance to all mankind. Translating directly from the Hebrew text we read: «I am YHVH thy ELOHEEM (ELOHEEM is a descriptive noun which means the source or sum total of all power, the Almighty. Unfortunately, this profound concept is usually rendered «God» in most translations!) who brought thee out of the land of Egypt, and from the house of bondage. There shall not be unto thee other acknowledged sources of power beside ME (YHVH)!». Exodus 20:1-3. The prophet Hosea elaborates on this theme: «Yet I am YHVH thy ELOHEEM from the land of Egypt; and thou shalt acknowledge no eloheem beside Me, and there is NO SAVIOUR beside Me!» Chap. 13:4.

Isaiah the prophet writes: «And there is no eloheem beside Me, a just mighty one (EL) and a SAVIOUR! There is none beside Me! Look unto ME (YHVH) and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am El, and there is none else. By Myself have I sworn, the word is gone forth from my mouth in righteousness and shall not turn back, that unto Me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear. ONLY in YHVH, shall one say of Me, is victory and strength; even to Him (YHVH) shall men come in confusion, all they that·were incensed against Him. In YHVH shall be justified and shall glory all the seed of Israel!» Chap. 45:21-25.

It behooves all those who, in addition to YHVH, the Heavenly Father, adore and deify a «son of god» or a «holy spirit», to compare their doctrines of error with these words of YHVH’S Prophets. YHVH does not give of His Glory of praise to any god or idol! (see Isaiah 42:8). Just as surely as one and one make two, YHVH plus a «son» and a «spirit» make three! Dear reader, are you worshiping a false god? Have you acknowledged a king and saviour other than YHVH, our Heavenly Father? If so, you are sinning against the Only Saviour and Redeemer, YHVH of Hosts is His Name! «But as for Me and my house, we will serve YHVH» Joshua 24:15.

Submitted by: M. Alfandari