"New covenant" and "new testament"


A Clarification of Term (1)

Christian doctrine theoretically derives from the collection of writings known as the «New Testament». It is asserted that this «New Testament» is identical with the NEW COVENANT to be made by YHVH with ISRAEL and JUDAH (see Jeremiah 31,31-34.) Christianity teaches that the «New Testament» has annulled the «Old Mosaic Testament» and has made «good works» unnecessary as a means to salvation (Romans 3, 28) thereby removing the «curse of the Law» (Galatians 3,10-13).

In actuality however, mankind is very much»under the curse», so an investigation is in order. Are the «Covenant» and the «Testament» one and the same? The Hebrew word «BEREETH» or covenant signifies an AGREEMENT between two or more LIVING PERSONS! It may be solemnised by any number of symbolic acts such as circumcision, sacrifice, etc. It is a contract, so to speak, binding living persons to certain behaviour. In the case of the NEW COVENANT, YHVH, ISRAEL, and JUDAH are the persons concerned. (see Jeremiah 31,31).

A «Testament» is the last will of a deceased person. The testator must die before the testament is valid. No less an authority than Paul confirms this definition; «for where a testament is, there must also of necessity be the death of the testator. For a testament is of force after men are dead. Otherwise it is of no strength at all while the testator liveth» Hebrews 9,16-17. Paul was describing the »New Testament».

Now since it is YHVH who is to make the NEW COVENANT, and not a mortal, YHVH who lives forever, His Covenant cannot be a «testament». And since the «testator» of Paul is a dead testator, his «testament» can never be a covenant.

There are other basic differences: The New Covenant is to be made with both ISRAEL and JUDAH (Jeremiah 31,31), whereas in «New Testament» days ISRAEL was lost in captivity, yet to be regathered into its inheritance, and only a part of JUDAH was in the land. Moreover, the New Covenant is to reconfirm the law (verse 33) whereas the «New Testament» destroyed the very basis of .the Law, replacing it by «faith» and «grace» (Galatians 5,1-6). The New Covenant will make preaching and evangelization superfluous (verse 34) whereas Christians have been «teaching their neighbours» for centuries according to the testator’s commandment (Matthew 28,19-20). The New Covenant will usher in an era of universal recognition of YHVH, whereas, since New Testament days, paganism, idolatry and materialism have reigned supreme; because men have been taught that faith in an abstract theological concept is more important than the righteous act; that evil is not to be resisted; that another «afterlife» world is more important than this world, etc.

Dear reader, the New Covenant is NOT a little book which men distribute on street corners! It is not a compilation of pseudo-commentaries, which wrest scriptural passages out of their historic context, to «prove» someone was a «messiah»! It is not a missionary tract! The New Covenant is YHVH’s sure promise to Judah and Israel; and its actualization is going to bring great blessing to all mankind; ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTE! An aspirin cannot cure cancer, and a man-made «Testament» will not, can never accomplish what YHVH’s New Covenant is going to accomplish. The New Covenant… what will it mean to YOU? Condemnation? Blessing? Are you worshipping a god or «saviour» other than YHVH? Have the forces of Satanic confusion kept you from the countless blessings obtained by calling upon YHVH’s great and saving name?

Come to YHVH today!

Submitted by: Mordecai Alfandari