I accept


I accept what the Roman Catholic Church says about all the other churches of Christendom, when it says they are in error; are divided on questions of doctrine; are given over to leaders who are not true shepherds; are doomed to damnation as heretics!

I accept what the Lutheran, Baptist, Methodist and other Protestant churches say about the Roman Catholic church, when they say she is pagan; idolatrous; anti-scripture; in error; of satanic origin!

I accept what the Baptists say about the ‘infant sprinklers’, when they say they have no remission of sins, and are ‘damned’!

I accept what the Seventh Day Adventists say about the Sunday consecrators when they say they have changed the true Sabbath for the pagan ‘day of the Sun’ and are therefore condemned!

I accept what the Sunday keeping churches say about the Adventists when they say the S.D.A. church was founded by a false prophetess (Mrs. White), and her followers are ‘damned’!

I accept what the Unitarians say about followers of the trinity, when they say the trinity is a pagan, idolatrous concept, taken over from other religions, and those who believe in the trinity are idol worshippers!

I accept what the trinitarians say about the unitarians, when they say the latter do not take the ‘new testament’ literally, and are therefore condemned by the literal teachings of the ‘new testament’!

I accept the ‘Jehovah’s Witness’ claim that all other churches and sects are apostates; demonic; agents of Babylon – Rome and Satan! etc.

I accept what other churches say about ‘Jehovah’s Witnesses’ when they say the movement was founded by false prophets (Russel, Rutherford) and that it mistranslates and misinterprets scripture in order to prove it’s own erroneous doctrines!

I accept what the Christadelphians proclaim, when they proclaim that all other Christians are in error; don’t understand the true meaning of the ‘Bible’; believe in fallacy; are not ‘true believers’!!

I accept what the Pentecostal groups say when they say other churches are spiritually dead!

I accept what other churches say about the ‘Pentecostals’ when they say they are possessed by ‘lying spirits’ and are under the influence of mass hysteria! etc. etc.

There were times when rivers of blood were spilt over disagreements concerning questions like: was Jesus’s divine and human nature ‘separate’ or ‘blended’; was Jesus equal with the ‘father’ or inferior to him; was the holy spirit equal to the ‘father’ and the ‘son’ or merely a created force; and similar absurdities whose origin is the sick imagination of corrupt theologians.

Millions were killed on the altar of false religion! Today, the pen has replaced the sword, but the question still remains: does a self-negating, divided Christianity, with its horror-story theology of a dying god-man ‘saviour’, have any valid message for mankind?! The answer is, NO!

The alternative?? ‘Thus says YHVH, stand in the way and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and you shall find rest for your souls!’ Jeremiah 6:16


Submitted by:

M. Alfandari