Read these facts

Read These Facts

DO YOURSELF A FAVOR and read these facts!

1. NOBODY DIED FOR YOUR SINS, (because only the sinner can be punished!)

«and Moses returned to YHVH and said: ‘this people has sinned a great sin and made a golden calf! However, if you wish, forgive them. If not, please blot me instead out of your book which you wrote.’ And YHVH said to Moses: ‘the one who sinned against me, him will I blot out of my book!» Exodus 32:31-33.

2. THERE IS ONLY ONE SAVIOR (and his name is NOT J.C.!)

«I, yes I, am YHVH; and beside Me there isn’t any saviour!» Isaiah 43:11.

3. YHVH IS ONE SINGLE PERSON, (and not a three-way partnership)!

«and the Almighty said to Moses: ‘I AM THAT I AM’, and then He said, ‘Say it this way to the Children of Israel: I AM (not ‘we am’, or ‘I are’) has sent me to you!» Exodus 3:14


«To whom are you trying to liken Me, and make equal to Me, or compare Me, that we may be like?» Isaiah 46:5.

5. THIS SITUATION IS PERMANENT (and no junior partner takes over the business.)

«I am YHVH, that’s My name; and I will NOT give glory to another, or my praise to idols!» Isaiah 42.8.


«By practicing mercy and truth, sin is atoned for!» Proverbs 16:6.

«Let us offer the offering of our lips instead of bulls!» Hosea 14:3.

7. REPENTANCE IS ENOUGH! («God’s» suicide on a cross would have been superfluous!)

«Again, when I say to the wicked, ‘you’re surely going to die’, if he turns from his sin and does that which is lawful and right, he is surely going to live! He won’t die. None of the sins he has committed will be held against him!» Ezekiel 33:14-19

8. YHVH IS NOT THE «GOD OF THE JEWS»! We all, Jews and Gentiles, are His children!

«My House shall be known as a house of prayer for all the peoples!» Isaiah 56:1-8.

By now, you may have concluded that you are in need of a spiritual and theological overhaul. If so, go back to the true sources of the Almighty’s Word the Hebrew Scripture. Don’t take anybody’s word for it. Read it yourself. See if the religion you now so dearly cherish is YHVH’S religion. Don’t accept substitutes. May YHVH bless you.


Mordecai Alfandari,

A Jew that Cares

FRIEND, SCRIPTURE SAYS: «THOU SHALT LOVE YHVH THINE ALMIGHTY WITH ALL THY HEART, WITH ALL THY SOUL, AND WITH ALL THY MIGHT.» (Deuteronomy 6:5). If so, there isn’t anything left for the demigods, sub-deities and «lords» of the gentiles! Think upon it!